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Another generous 3D raffle from Flashforge for you. Their best-selling 3d printer, the Adventurer 3!

To enter:
1. Follow me and @ff3dprinters@twitter.com on Twitter
2. Like and retweet this (no QRT)

One winner will be drawn March 20th!

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Tax return day. So obviously I am having a day of spectacular procrastination. Albeit mostly other work, but still…

Ugh. Positive Lateral flow test today. Temperature, coughing, one hell of a headache. I wonder which version I’ve got.

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Flashforge is letting me raffle one of their 3Dprinters, an Adventurer 3! ⚡️

To enter:
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on Twitter
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One winner will be drawn on November 27th! 🥳

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Hi @thameslink@twitter.com Your Delay repay is a joke. Lots of Trains from St Pancras to Bedford were cancelled yesterday evening, I should have been home by just after midnight, I was home gone 1:30am. And your system calls this a 3min delay?

I always enjoy how @Apple@twitter.com support will never admit to a knowing about a bug, but somehow still are mostly able to supply a list of instructions that solve the problem. “We’d like you to try this…..”

I realise this is asking the whole internet to change how things are done. Still, I can dream.

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Things I hate: Pictures that are links. When I click on a picture the only thing I want to happen is to see a bigger version of the picture. I do not want to be taken to an article that 99% of the time, does not even include the picture I wanted to see! Put the link underneath!

Does anyone use Parmacy4U in the uk? Is it any good? I’ve been using Echo, which was great until Lloyds took over, and now take so long I end up with gaps in medication which is very unhelpful.

Apparently my GP just decided I don’t need the regular medicine the Psychiatrist prescribed me that I have been taking for years on repeat prescription. Without any kind of consultation. I only find out by taking the prescription to a pharmacy to be told it’s “non dispense”.

None of these things I find scary. The thing I can’t deal with, is the lack of control over the story line and the continuously building momentum, and the inability to escape it even when awake. I’m not looking forward to trying to sleep tonight, though I desperately need sleep!

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Last night I spend the whole night having sleeping / waking nightmares about not being able to get to sleep. I was not able to shake it, even by getting up for a bit. It involved fake poltergeists, a house that was slowly dismantling itself, an annoying horse, and autumn weather.

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Don't know who needs to hear this, but the things you enjoyed doing as a kid are ok to do as an adult.

Play those video games. Read those fiction books. Play D&D. Draw those pictures. Whatever brings you joy.

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It’s that time again! The time where I remind rope tops less opinions about rope and mooooore appreciation, praise, gratitude for the people that hand over their bodies, trust, time, patience, skill for you to learn rope - both the hard and soft skills. 💖⭐️🙏

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It's been almost a year and the message still stands! Wear a mask, get vaccinated, stay safe! 💖 twitter.com/spidernatalie/stat

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Hi @RoyalMail@twitter.com It would be good if you could equip your postmen with something other than wax crayons. The parcel number, as far as I can translate is not recognised by your redelivery system.

I really wanted to go for a run today. Weird stuff going on with my feet has meant this hasn’t been possible for a long while. Looks like I need to find a cardio exercise that is doable without using feet….

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