My - Escape Challenge In Leather Arm-Binder 4K just sold! search.clips4sale.com/clip/233 via @Clips4Sale@twitter.com


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They say called out to his mother in his last few minutes.

This is mine.

CEO of Howard University Hospital, she's here standing with

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Yay, my new update β€œSuspended, suffering, submissive” just sold!

Featuring Ariel Anderssen

The tall blond goddess Ariel Anderssen will be reduced to a suffering suspended, split, bend and tortured submissive. Nipple clamps with...


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Ooh, I just did some obsessive 9pm housework. I think this maybe means I'm recovering. And I'm beginning to have OnlyFans.com/ArielAnderssen shoot ideas again, after feeling desperately grateful that I'd shot plenty of content ahead. Come join for my new updates! Image: Ross McKelvey


I sold another ! Spanking Threats in Roll Neck and Boots search.clips4sale.com/clip/157 via @Clips4Sale@twitter.com


Hi @Channel4@twitter.com, please commission me to make a show about matchmaking kinky people. I know every kinky person ever & want them all to fall in love while I ask them nosy questions. Here I am asking my dad some nosy questions, cos I have no shame. youtube.com/watch?v=0wQK5cS434

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@ArielAnderssen@twitter.com @tallmandarksuit@twitter.com You could take this as a tv show to Channel 4 πŸ˜‚

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What should you do if the flatmate you have a crush on brings someone else home? Passive aggressive baking, obviously. Featuring assorted stories from my life alongside favourite recipes, amazon.co.uk/Baking-Fixes-Ever is for sale now on Amazon. Yes! Buy it & laugh at my strangeness.


Thanks to all the people who've bought the audio version of
amazon.co.uk/Baking-Fixes-Ever If you'd like to get the audio version for £5, just reply to this & I'll DM you to get your email etc 🍰


From many years ago. I was desperately trying to impress @RElegance@twitter.com & as a result I pretended I was 100% ok with going underwater. Which I’m not, lol. But it’s a beautiful set.

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"Daydreams in the bath" starring Ariel Anderssen back in the archives for members today at RestrainedElegance.com and at secure.surfnetcorp.com/acbuild

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Model: Ariel Anderssen @ArielAnderssen@twitter.com
Pervography: Drago Bee @BeeDrago@twitter.com

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Made a grated dinner something, with pulled pork and baked eggs.


Hooray! Look, look, hot Subs! Date him!

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Modesty forbids etc etc but suffice to say, it’s all true 😊 twitter.com/arielanderssen/sta

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I am making an experimental dinner. It involves grating vast quantities of vegetables and am not sure where it will really end.

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