A battery powered portable OUTDOOR airconditioner has got to be the DUMBEST thing I have seen advertised this week.

$250 for a tutorial? No thanks. 3 cheap speedlights, 2 exposures, no tripod, and 10 minutes in Photoshop. Oh and a model and a rigger (@RopeMarks@twitter.com). No it’s not for sale as an NFT.

About 27 years ago my friends and I did a thing. I just found these for sale online, so I had to get them :)

Would you believe there where no artificial lights used in this shot of @Modelmeltongue@twitter.com ?

Natsuki was the first model I booked, previously I was only shooting workshops and tfp. She was in Amsterdam for a few days and I didn’t think twice before asking her to shoot. Hair and makeup by Yeliz Kaya

The test print of a mini photobook just arrived. 16 pages, satin finish on heavy card stock. I used some photos of our urbex bondage set with @ArielAnderssen@twitter.com and @RopeMarks@twitter.com

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