I'm deactivating my Patreon account Monday December 30th. If you want to join now there is a good amount of content to enjoy. Don't forget to cancel before Jan 1st so you won't be rebilled! You shouldn't, but I hear it happens.


Xmas wasn't bad. And I got some great gifts, one being my own fridge for my room! Setting that up tomorrow. They really want me to be happy here aww ❤
Listening to music with the @skullcandy@twitter.com headphones my big bro got me. Much better than the cheapo earbuds I had 👍

Sorry guys but being single doesn't mean I'm available. I'm not interested in dating or meeting anyone (except @JDavisOfficial@twitter.com of course) Don't take it personally please. Thanks!

Those shots leave dark bruises (one in the back of each arm ouch) but I haven't had any crazy reactions, just sleepy and woozy yesterday. My bro in law said he wants me to live with them forever. That's so sweet! I don't plan on marrying again so that's fine with me

My sis did my nails, so pretty! Damn it's cold! I'm snuggling Sirius here, keeping him warm.

I'm starting monthly shots tomorrow that I'm super scared of cus it has a high risk of causing anaphylaxis. Picking out lyrics for my tombstone because I'm a morbid bitch. Going with @Korn@twitter.com
"To a world that never appreciated shit
You can suck my dick and fucking like it!"

I'll be deactivating my account December 30th, but I'm still making updates until then so there's still time to join! I may return in the future, I don't know. It depends on my health issues and how life goes.


After my girls finish soaking I'm going to add some stuff to my . Some old videos wont play in my editing programs, I have to find something that will. And a variety of photosets. Got any suggestions for what to post before I retire at the end of the month?

I have lots of books on my Xmas list, and music. I spent today out buying gifts for my family and my dog. Right now I'm relaxing and re-reading a @StephenKing@twitter.com book I haven't read in years.

At the end of December I'll be deleting all hardcore content from @mfcshare@twitter.com

AND deactivating my account!

So buy my smut while you can!



Thinking of fully committing to the "old spinster" lifestyle and going off the pill, which I've been on since I was 17. I assume that may have side effects, ack. But unless @JDavisOfficial@twitter.com comes to sweep me off my feet I don't plan on dating again. Not interested. Advice ladies?

So how do I un-link my Mastodon account from my Twitter? Now that I'm going non-porn it doesn't need to be linked, but I can't find where to do that...?

New doctor is a rude impatient asshole. Is making me redo all my bloodwork at his lab. Fucking waste of my time. Very disappointing. I'm going to get some work done now.

I've had Unsainted by @slipknot@twitter.com in my head for days. I don't have the new album yet, it's been a bad few months financially. Hopefully I'll get it for Xmas but I want it now!!!!

I'm lucky to have a sister that does my nails for free! Manicures, pedicures, acrylics, polish, gems. Most girls pay a lot of money for these things. Treat your favorite model to a mani/pedi or hair salon trip!

Only 4 people voted on my poll about OnlyFans, so nope. I'll close my Patreon at the end of December as planned and I'll only be on @MyFreeCams@twitter.com and here. I'm going to focus on my health and see how things go. I'm available for customs and private/club chats/shows on mfc.

I haven't been on cam or taking pictures or anything because I'm covered in bruises and scratches from hives. My whole body is like this. Sorry for the lack of activity to my regulars, I'm not looking very pretty right now! 😳 Doctor appointment next week!

Been busy working & taking lots of meds to control my symptoms. Hives are super bad and constant, I'm covered in scratches and bruises from clawing at them. SO itchy!!! Meds make me nauseous so cant eat much. A bowl of veggies & mushrooms for dinner tonight. Yum!

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