Got blood drawn today. One of the things he's testing for sounds like what I have. Hereditary angioedema caused by C1-esterase inhibitor deficiency. Facial edema, abdominal pain & swelling, hives. Had to pay $130 for past tests I was told would be covered 🀬 4 weeks til results.

I've been spending a lot of time with my nieces, sis, dog, guinea pigs. This weekend I'm building a habitat for our tortoises. These things bring me so much joy 😊 I'll be happy to retire from the internet at the end of the year and focus on what really matters to me

I took a hot relaxing with chamomile bath salts and a clay face mask. Not exactly the you guys are hoping for but this is what you get 😜 I was hoping to get on cam tonight but I've got night shift babysitting duty. Boo.

I have to say that has been much better lately at replying to my emails and giving me answers. The past year I was disappointed with their lack of support after they'd been so great for so many years. Now they seem to have improved. Thanks guys πŸ‘I'll stick around.

Wow what is going on with ? I ask a question and the person threatens to disable my account if I don't send them a list of all my personal info, which the site has but I guess this Devyn person does not. This is obviously a scam. I didn't realize the site was like that!

Besides the fact that I'm not making enough money to keep up with my modeling hobby, my sis is starting classes and I will be babysitting my niece a lot more. Along with my comic job I will only have time for private sales to known customers and social camming on

Soon I will be deleting all pornographic content from and will be doing only artistic/sensual/erotic content. Most likely I will only sell privately to known customers. I will still do live camming on DM me if you have questions.

Check out the recent posts on my account! Photo sets from my website days, blogs, and a silly video of me bouncing around on a big ball πŸ™ƒ

Getting a therapist, psychiatrist, medication, or even proper health care from regular doctors is almost impossible for those of us dealing with mental illness. No one wants to help us if we aren't rich. We are not treated like "normal" people.

This is what I bought with the tokens sent to me by the awesome Thank you! 😘 When I'm feeling better I can't wait to take more pics/videos. If you plan to buy please send me ideas of what you'd like to see! I'm thinking outdoors for the white one.

Thanks for all the promo retweets from and others! I really appreciate it. I haven't been online much because I've been sick and having weird reactions like hives and facial swelling. Not pretty! Seeing Dr Monday, pls buy my stuff to help me pay to get better!

I have an appointment next week to try to find out why I have chronic hives and random severe facial edema. Can't see my GI dr until December so that sucks. Primary care visit in November. Still haven't found a psychiatrist. I'm falling apart goddammit and its SO expensive πŸ˜­πŸ€’

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