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Since appears to be dead, I'm moving back here for the time being.
If someone has a better Mastodon instance for me to use, by all means, please let me know.

My latest book WEEKEND AT BONNIE'S released today! If you get it from Smashwords, it's name-your-price (even FREE), but only 99¢ from B&N, iBooks, etc.

An updated and revised version of my short story Weekend At Bonnie's is now available for preorder as a Name-Your-Price download on Smashwords. It will release on Saturday, June 30th.

Like the old "video nasties" and want it in book form? Check out the first three chapters of my eBook "Kaylee's Torment" for free on my website:

In the mood for a little bondage-themed secret agent fiction? Check out my newest free short story "Give and Get Tied"

Prefer your to be more transgressive? Check out my bargain-priced ebook "Kaylee's Torment" available DRM-free on my Oronjo store.

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