Wishing everyone, in every time zone, across the world...a VERY happy new year!!

ATTN: SHORT STORY WRITERS -If you would like your story heard of your Journey of a struggle or struggles in your life OR if you write hot erotic short stories either from your own experience or fiction then submit your writings to: Mia.marie.griffin@gmail.com along with your name/alias and any direct social media profile links you want shown

My stocking stuffer was Daddy stuffing my honeypot at a time of my choosing 😁🥰 how could I not love being stuffed by Daddy 😜😆💥

Daddy had me use the sounding rods on him again tonight! I couldn’t believe how far they went down with him mostly soft! 😳 check it out! My finger marks the spot! Also Daddy is soo freakin hot 🤤❤️

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