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we are going into a new week-If you would like your story heard of your Journey of a struggle or struggles in your life OR if you write hot erotic short stories either from your own experience or fiction then submit your writings to: along with your name/alias and any direct social media profile links you want shown

Come join our NSFW group! All are welcome no matter your gender, role, kinks, or fetishes. You must be 18 or older to join. Lots of fun and great people in our membership!

Anonymous asks:
Do u like seeing or helping other girls get dominated used and stretched by big strong men and their buddies?

“Yes I do like seeing other girls get dominated, used, and stretched by strong men and their buddies in movies and pictures; however, I have never experienced it personally so I have never been able to “help” that happen.”

And here you thought your elf on the shelf was keeping everyone else behaved, lol little did you know what he was doing when you turned your back 😂😜🙈

Did you know that ANY woman can squirt? Check out my learning center full of resources and instructions to find out how!

Hey all you guys out there!! Want to learn about sounding rods?! Daddy said it’s an amazing experience!! Product review AND info on how to do it correctly in the learning center!


New Learning Center Update!
“Spankings Require Knowledge Too!”
“Sounding Rods For Beginners”


2 New Diary Posts!
“Edging oh so close”
“Just A Normal Thursday Night-Edging, Begging, and Hot Daddy’s Milk”

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