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This is not about "sex with children"; this is about adults embracing their inner child 😊

Moving on and rebuilding again..... since KinkyElephant has restricted enrollment

😋 At least there's only 3 days of posts to rebuild

Come join my group chat! Meet other dd/lg NSFW and BDSM kink like minded people! No discriminations against roles, dynamics or genders!


Unless it’s consented BDSM degrading, there’s no reason to call people names or kink shame them 😐

Let daddy worry about the world; you just be my perfect princess babygirl 😘👸

Go check out my favorite daddy and little friends; they're still building their pages but you'll like them 😎 🤝


Daddy gives spanks as reward 😎😉 they're not a punishment if Babygirl LIKES it

With the 500 character limit of KinkyElephant I'll have to rethink how I do my "Daddy Answers" posts 🤔

For now I'll just be taking screenshots of my answers and posting here as pics 😎

Feel free to DM me and Ask away 😊 this Daddy likes talking to my followers and giving advice

DM - A How To

With my followers moving to Elephant and everyone learning how it works I thought I'd take a sec to show anyone that doesn't know.... How to DM 😁

@Tag the blog you want to DM and at the bottom you just change the icon from the globe to the envelope 😇 then only yourself and anyone you tag can see that message (yes, group DM works this way too)

Hit me up; my DM is always open 😎

My web Domain is now Live! Come check it out!
Still lots to do but tell me what you think so far...

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