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Love prolonging your pleasure babygirl; daddy wants you SOAKED before your panties even come off 💦

Make SURE you tell your babygirl good morning EVERY day; it only takes a moment to let them know you’re thinking about them 💙

If a daddy won’t play with you and make you giggle during cutesy time 💙❤️ he doesn’t deserve to play with you and make you moan during sexy time 😎😉

This is not about "sex with children"; this is about adults embracing their inner child 😊

I wonder how many secret dd/lg couples I know 🤔 I was talking to a friend I’ve known for years that I had NO clue was in a dom/sub relationship. 😁

Daddy can’t even wait to get babygirl’s panties off; I just have to feel you NOW 😉😙

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