Moving on and rebuilding again..... since KinkyElephant has restricted enrollment

😋 At least there's only 3 days of posts to rebuild

Come join my group chat! Meet other dd/lg NSFW and BDSM kink like minded people! No discriminations against roles, dynamics or genders!

/lg 😋 It's not a punishment if she enjoys it

Unless it’s consented BDSM degrading, there’s no reason to call people names or kink shame them 😐

Let daddy worry about the world; you just be my perfect princess babygirl 😘👸

Go check out my favorite daddy and little friends; they're still building their pages but you'll like them 😎 🤝


Daddy gives spanks as reward 😎😉 they're not a punishment if Babygirl LIKES it

With the 500 character limit of KinkyElephant I'll have to rethink how I do my "Daddy Answers" posts 🤔

For now I'll just be taking screenshots of my answers and posting here as pics 😎

Feel free to DM me and Ask away 😊 this Daddy likes talking to my followers and giving advice


I moved to KinkyElephant 3 days ago in prep for the Tumblr purge :(

I tested a couple platforms but this was my fav and the only one I saw that didn't either require personal info to be made public (a big no no for many of my followers on Tumblr), or for that matter weren't crazy difficult to navigate :)

How are you liking Elephant ?

DM - A How To

With my followers moving to Elephant and everyone learning how it works I thought I'd take a sec to show anyone that doesn't know.... How to DM 😁

@Tag the blog you want to DM and at the bottom you just change the icon from the globe to the envelope 😇 then only yourself and anyone you tag can see that message (yes, group DM works this way too)

Hit me up; my DM is always open 😎

My web Domain is now Live! Come check it out!
Still lots to do but tell me what you think so far...

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