Thanks everyone for concern and suggestions. The point is that I have a full-time job making and selling BDSM erotica- I can'r run a commercial Mastodon tumblr replacement, much though I'd like to. I just don't have time or money to do so. Plus it is not really the model to follow in a federated social network- running your own instance is easy, and everyone can follow you from everywhere. Try for help.

@RestrainedElegance Feel free to send them our way over at
We got loads of room had now very fast servers.
5000 users and growing and we are working on making the site more Tumblr like with 10,000 character limit etc

Hi, I'm new to Mastodon.
Can I just open a new account at or should I migrate this account I registered yesterday?
I have no idea!

@MySexyGirlsPics @admin Speak outloud the name of KRISHNA and google "Science of Self Realization online" and click the first link, the vedabase dot com one. You can read the book for free online and it will give you transcendental knowledge of God and how to attain liberation so you can be free.
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