Great to be here. Edward Cantor, kinky sub and erotic author, currently of the Dreams Made Flesh female gaze femdom Patreon.


@edward_cantor hi and welcome! Can you post a sample and hashtag it? etc. as that's how the broader work can discover us on here... 👍

@RestrainedElegance i posted separately to the Dreams Made Flesh patreon - i've got one sad attempt at retail here: - but my other library of stuff is currently without a home

@edward_cantor Have you had any luck with Amazon sales? I published one eBook forever ago (here: which generates me two or three sales a month, every month for the last decade. I've been wondering whether to put more stuff up on there.

@RestrainedElegance well, you're doing better than i have, but i can't say that i've every really supported it or promoted it properly, or built up a consistently updating library, which i think would have helped.

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