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A serious proposal: in-car displays visible to the driver are to have zero advertising content. No exceptions, no excuses.

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A dozen Tumblr clones just launched, and none of them federate. So much not learning the lesson!

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So, it appears that a bunch of Tumblr and Twitter refugees are joining the Fediverse, discovering the presence of Those Horrible People (for many assorted values of THP), and then reverting to the shitty hatemob and dogpile habits that made Twitter and Tumblr a garbage fire in the first place.


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This drawing has a marvelous little vignette associated with it that Mastodon toots are unfortunately too short to contain. sablesword.com/drawings/y2018/

My $%&* bank blocked my Restrained Elegance renewal. Again. After I called to warn them about the transaction coming. And now my account is officially expired. Dammit!

Throwing out a quick request for future Restrained Elegance photosets: More toe-ties!


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