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does my ass look pretty when it’s red? ❤️‍🔥

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ohno i think i need n exam mister r u sure its ok to show u like this tho?

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hi🥺! new to

- i’m 18
- here to exolore n learn!
- vile thoughts
- kinky anime
- dms open for moots!
- want moots plz
- mdni pfpdni!

♡ n ↻ n so i can follow u

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I thought I'd share something fun from my upcoming pro-spanking parenting manual, "The Caregiver's Guide to Strict and Loving Discipline" since I'm finally into 2nd draft edits.

Let's learn all about Hairbrushes!

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redoing pinned//new to nsfw twt ♡♡
• 20
• she/her
• bisexual (girls+)
• hard/trauma kinks (no tw)
• 5’9 slut
• switch
• always looking for friends!!

rt and like to be moots ♡♡

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not new just a new pinned

• elise🌱
• 18 (absolutely no minors)
• 5'2
• she/her
• bi curious
• switch but very subby🌿
• dm to buy

↺ or ♡ to be mutuals (selective)🦋

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Today, at spankinglibrary.com/clipdetail and fetishlibrary.com/clipdetails., naughty cheerleaders @SarahGregory02@twitter.com and @AmyFoxlet@twitter.com get it AGAIN from Momma @DomesticDomme@twitter.com, this time with a stingy leather slipper. Sarah is first . . .

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Like & rt for a titty pic in ur dm

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