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New movie - "Saved by an Angel" at C4S! - "Kitty loves to play and enjoy her body while her bf is away, but he's not too happy about being left out and ties her up to stop her self pleasuring ways, but will his plan work?..."


We are talking to a few people who are interested in custom viseos.
If you got an idea for a DID film but can't film it? Have a look at our site and then drop us a message, hopefully we can make your DID dreams a reality

Pics from a clip i shot last weekend for Beauties in Bondage ❤️ I love being a DID

Hello and welcome to all the newcomers. Twitter is doing a purge of NSFW accounts at the moment!

Kinky Elephant is like our own little twitter. @ArielAnderssen and I run it and we welcome BDSM models, fans and producers.

You are allowed and encouraged to post stuff here so long as it is legal and you own the copyright to it. Posting other people's pics is fine with attribution (but we'll stop you if the copyright owner objects of course).

Hello everybody on Mastodon! I'm excited to be here, thankyou for facilitating me kinkyelephant <3


A kinky community for fetish models, photographers, producers and fans. Owing to recent abusive postings sign-ups are currently by invitation only.