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RT British cakes in a sexy voice


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...all my drama. Like some kind of magician. There is very excellent face-slapping. There are many clamps. There is the biggest cock-gag in existence. And there is absolutely no shortage of drama. It's one of the movies I'm most proud of from 2018 & I recommend it wholeheartedly.

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No Yall, #Fetlife isn't shutting down. But they are continually having to chip away what is & isn't allowed on the site. Remember when they had to do away with a lot of fetish communities bc they lost their payment processing? SO where does it end?

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I need to stop trying to convince people who've never tipped me why this platform is better than Twitter.

But I'll just say it here in case they look and don't realize it yet:

- this is a decentralized platform
- it's sex worker friendly
- you can use content warnings
- you won't get shadow banned for being a cam model or escort
- you can post nudes
- there are no ads, no selling off of your data to other companies
- no censorship of sex workers rights movements

That alone makes it better.

Hi interesting in new sites that are devoted to BDSM πŸ˜€ πŸ‘


A kinky community for fetish models, photographers, producers and fans. Owing to recent abusive postings sign-ups are currently by invitation only.