My web Domain is now Live! Come check it out!
Still lots to do but tell me what you think so far...


@Littlemiamae your section learning center and the acronyms has stolen from a wiki.

You affirm this:
This list of terms and definitions has been CAREFULLY created by our blog and Contributors. PLEASE do not use this as your own work. You are welcome to re-blog and share but do not steal our hard work! Please and thank you!

It's a lie the entire acronyms are stolen from a wiki i helped to build time ago in this case you are the thieve 😖

@Littlemiamae Do not worry use it,the owner has leave the maintenance of the page,so i think is not problem.

After all i submitted lot of the acronyms. Keep them in your page.

About your site i like it it's nice. In your stories some pics can help to make them more attractive to the visitors 😌

@secretelitealphamaster ok thank you, I kept it but I took the part at the end off that he had put on there and I do plan on adding pictures to stuff but I literally built the page in a day due to the tumblr fiasco

@Littlemiamae All good projects take time,it's fine if it's builded in one day.

I am pretty sure in 1 week your site take a better look 👌

@Littlemiamae Maybe you need add a VIP section(Paid Section) to earn some cash from your page.

You can offer exclusive content like photos,videos or skype shows. It's only a suggestion to help you to obtain incomes

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