I'm back with new retoucher name and fully centralized into the erotic,fashion and model retouching

When a pet show obedience,she earn a special gift but can't have the royal juice of their master because it's not the appropriate sub to stay the rest of the life with their master

Just enjoy the fun and that is all,sometimes the fun is in a daily basis,depend of how many obedience you show 😏

Take note: If you wear a collar with the mandatory leash,this send a message to other alphas you are already owned and leave you in peace. 🧐

Another example of an animated emote for chatroom in Chaturbate

Click the image to watch them complete

Creation of chaturbate emotes,animated(GIF) or statics,made with professionalism like 6 years of experience on the field for a voluntary donation,no fixed prices and if you want can be completely free(never a fixed price like others)

A long ride to have again the
1.2k followers i lost for the stupid guilty of Tumblr and their fucking pornbot who literally flag any post.

Inclusive the photos of catwalk show(Fashion Shows) only for the reason the models has showing their tits,nipples and their cunts 😂

This is me after watch the amount of girls who want be owned by a real dominant master 😂 👌

You can found me on Reddit too but i am less active in this days because i am watching the submissive females who are seeking a dominant master.

My reddit profile is this:

I put Secret Elite Retoucher because i retouch the mind,the behavior and the lifestyle of the interested good girls

After that i have an interview to see if they qualify to serve me,if are approved i give them the link of my private discord server for aspirants to be owned by this dominant

Definitely because you are collared and this show you are owned by a dominant and other masters don't try to own you.

In an extreme case if other want be your master,he's need provide another good sub in exchange

common behaviors of feline pets are:

Stalking prey
Playing chase
Purring or chuffing
Scent marking (rubbing the face on things)
Claiming areas or people by sitting on them
Vocalizing (meowing or roaring)

Popular treats among feline pet players:

Goldfish crackers
Gummy sharks
Chocolate mice
Pretzel bites

Pet play, also known as animal play, is a form of role play in which one or more participants act as animals, mythical creatures, or pets and may include a handler. Pet play can be considered a subculture of BDSM and is considered unique in its many forms.

Movement restriction and bondage implements

verbal communication restriction, perhaps to safewords and animal sounds such as “woof!” or “mew!”.

Playing with toys, such as batting toys for kitties or tug-of-war toys for puppies

Just another obedient and submissive bimbo petgirl receiving the training to be a cumslut too

Mmm... A photo with words is not sufficient to convince me. 🤔

First you need show me you really want stay under my knees and orders,after that i can take a decision

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