@BigDaddyBennet Happy Friday BDB, I hope you are having a great morning sweetie πŸ€— 😍 ❀️ I am looking forward to the weekend ❀️ 😍 ❀️

@tindrastoes Happy Friday back! Do you have any fun plans? Be safe and have a Fun Friday!

@BigDaddyBennet I am popping to see the doctor this afternoon, which isn't fun but its the only plan I have 🀭 ❀️ ❀️ When I get back I will be able to put my feet up though πŸ€— 🀭 😍 So hopefully it will be fun later on 😊 πŸ€— ❀️

@tindrastoes I hope youre feeling ok and everything goes well at the doc. Enjoy whats left of your day and make up for it all weekend.


@BigDaddyBennet Aww thank you BDB, my stomach was feeling pretty iffy but as it turns out I was about the seventh person to go in with the same thing.. which is just a bug that is going round. Bugs rarely last long with me, my stomach is not a hospitable environment πŸ˜‚ 😍 πŸ’– πŸ‘Œ 😍

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