Please be patient with me while I get the in and out of Switter! 😁
Any tips or tricks welcome!



Tip - Follow these usual suspects 😉

@tindrastoes because she’s a super cool Brit 🇬🇧
@justangelsforyou because she’s an absolute sweetheart 💗
@BrienneHarris because she’s “Brienne”🤓
@MilanBvlgari because she’s the hottest 🇨🇦
@LucyB because she’s beautiful 😍
@TexasSunshine because she’s a blonde Texan😘
@SweetTiffy see above & she’s gorgeous🥰
@SpringNyc because she’s very pretty💕
@MissHolly because she loves red🌹☺️
@islandgent_713 & @FullBloodedItalian43 because they’re cool gents


Awwww, thank you sweetie 😍 ❤️ 😍 ❤️ 😍 I am just on my first coffee of the day 🤭 I hope you are away with the fairies 😴 😘 😍 🤗 😍 @WelshmanSac @AshlynSparks @BrienneHarris @MilanBvlgari @LucyB @TexasSunshine @SweetTiffy @SpringNyc @MissHolly @islandgent_713 @FullBloodedItalian43

@tindrastoes Happy Monday Sweetheart 💗. One of those days, showed up to work and been out in the field all day dealing with over a dozen different jobs going on 🤯.

Hope you’ve had a nice day 😘🤗💞

@WelshmanSac 😁 😍 ❤️ Some days just get away from us 🙈 Its been good here apart from the weather which was dire, but I am just getting ready for bed... which takes me about two hours 😂 😂 I am easily distracted 😊 😂 😍

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