Happy Tuesday Sexy Peeps 💖

I am just catching up on a weeks worth of life at home & waiting for a new router because my present one has "speed issues" and needs upgrading 😁💖

I am planning to get back to normal by the end of this week but I will be coming on for a boosting spree before I start posting again 💖

Thanks everyone for the love and patience, you guys are the best 😘💖💖

Louise 💋💋💋

Better make sure that new router is a twin turbo model because you have a lot of boosting to catch up on and you would hate for it to go up in smoke😂😂😂😂😂


Hi Louise!

Happy June!

Hope you are up to speed and back in the saddle soon!
🤣 🤣 💚 💚 💋 💋

You are missed!


We (I speaking in plural 😁🤨) miss you a lot. Plus I am so f*ing selfish, being needy of your techie sexiness and geekiness.😊❤❤❤
PS: hope and pray🙏 your mom is ok and recovering.

Oh my dear, Louise, whereever you are and whatever you are doing, I (and we at Switter) hoping you and your mom are doing well.🙏❤❤❤ We (at least I) miss your company.

Knock, knock, is this on? Can you hear me? We miss you!😍😍😍😟😟😟

@tindrastoes Louise, Happy ❤❤❤ day! Hopefully you and your family are doing fine.

Lovely Louise...How are you luv? Great to see you still Titilating Tindra's Toes!😂

@tindrastoes Miss you lots - hope you are well wherever you are... ❤️

@tindrastoes You are missed so much😥😥😥, my fellow boosting compatriot. I hope you are best situation, if otherwise, wish you the best.❤❤❤

@tindrastoes Missing you, my fellow booster 😘😘😘

@tindrastoes Louise, Happy Holidays, where ever you are at. Wishing you and your mom the best!🌲🌲🌲

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