Duality - Playing with Elegance and Obscenity with @Kirigami and @Tehshiko Tomorrow. Get your tickets while you can. This is our last online class before the summer break! @StudioKokoro

We will be closing the studio in August. A huge thank you to everyone who has helped us keep afloat so far.

This will be our last chance this year to see a live session with Kurogami and Shiawase.

If you enjoy good rope come to this SM session.


Come and explore tying with Bamboo tomorrow night with RedSabbath & KinbakuLuxuria


Vulnerability in ropes is a fascinating concept and I've no doubt that this will be a fascinating class. Come and join us on Friday the 14th of May with @kinkyphilia & @JShiawase buytickets.at/studiokokoro/511

Vulnerability in Ropes will be a fascinating class coming soon with Andrea Kurogami and Shiawase Scarlatto at on the 14th of May


A great class on Gags for Japanese rope. If you like gags as much as I do you will definitely enjoy this!

We all get more mature I hope. There is value in that and this is a great class from


Exposure in rope with
on the 21st of this month. buytickets.at/studiokokoro/480
Don't miss this fascinating class.

This is going to be a very useful class with Sage.
No matter if you're coming out in to the community of organising events, this will be a great class for you.
It's important for us all to understand how we affect others in the spaces we occupy.
This class is about building your full authentic self.


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