@wykd hello.
I can see this post only in global feed, not in local. Becouse you are login on another fediverse. Its very nice - we can connect different servers for protect community.

@mosafir I haven't got a clue on this thing to be honest. I signed up to get my name down and not have it vanished!

@wykd You can take full advantage of this project while on another node (kinkyelephant.com) - this is fediverse

@wykd look...
We have two feeds:
* local - from local users, who registered on this node
* global - from users, who registered on any another Mastodon nodes.
Thets all.
If you OK to be present only global, you can do nothing.
If you want to be a Local, you can register new accaunt in this node and link it to your accaunt an Kinkyelephant - see options in account settings.
May be @RestrainedElegance can help?

@zor I'm going to super credit clover for the beauty of these shots.

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