Privacy Policy

This site is in development, as are its policies. I won't share anything of yours or about you to anyone except the hosting service who run this instance in their datacentre, if they need it to debug the site.

What you post here is up to you, and you control how to share it and who sees it.

Code of conduct:

We are a community for fetish models, photographers, producers and fans.

We are part of the distributed social network Mastodon. It's like Twitter, except it exists as a federation of lots of little communities (called instances) which can talk to each other.

Importantly, these are run by lots of different people, under their own control.

There is no central company which can censor us.

This community is run by the webmaster of; other fetish producers, models and fans are very welcome to join us.

Fetish/Erotic/Adult performers, models, photographers, producers - posting samples and links to your commercial work here is allowed and encouraged!

Each instance has its own rules and guidelines. These are ours.

Describing your Content When You Post

Please mark "Not Safe For Work" (NSFW) content with the eye button for images AND the CW button for text. It is important to DO BOTH for every post so vanilla users on other instances know what they are getting.

Choose SFW images for avatars, as they show up on people's timelines in other instances regardless of the viewer's content settings.

In Settings->Preferences, you can set "Always mark media as sensitive". (You can also choose "Always show media marked as sensitive" too).

Use the CW text to describe the content- I use NSFW, nudity, bondage, BDSM for my posts.

That will make people click on your keywords like "NSFW, nudity, bondage, BDSM" to reveal the content (which is kinda cool, actually). You can flag CW's automatically if reposting your twitter feed. More detailed instructions here: HERE.

Describing our content is the Mastodon way of being polite and considerate to the neighbours, so they will have our feeds on their instances. This will mean we can reach scene newcomers and worried kinky people seeking out information, as well as existing fans.

General Rules

We are a small and friendly instance and I'd like to keep it that way. So please:

  1. No child porn, illegal activities, necrophilia, bestiality or age play (except with people who are CLEARLY adult). It's the law.
  2. Be kind to each other.
  3. Don't be an arse.
  4. No personal attacks or flame wars.
  5. Don't post stolen content or links to stolen content.
  6. That means no Tube sites, sorry. Not even if you actually own the content on them.
  7. Don't post illegal material, or links to illegal material.
  8. Don't flood the place with irrelevant spam adverts for tractors or coffee machines, but on-topic erotica/webcam/OnlyFans/website links are part of what we're here for.

The admin reserves the right to kick you off if you're not playing nice; you're a guest in our social media house and I'd really appreciate keeping it a friendly place to be.

Remember that Mastodon is a collective of small instances, so if these rules don't seem right to you, it is very easy to set up your own instance. Please come and link with us when you're set up!


A kinky community for fetish models, photographers, producers and fans. Owing to recent abusive postings sign-ups are currently by invitation only.